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Yes. There's a "close" mode you can use on the X1T and XPro transmitters that will help to trigger a flash more reliably when it's close to the transmitter. This mode was added in firmware updates for the Canon, Nikon, and Sony versions of the X1T, so if you have one of these versions, it may need to be firmware updated. To check the currently loaded firmware version on an X1T, hold down the MODE button while turning it on.

"Close mode" was added in the following firmware versions:

X1T-C (Canon) v15
X1T-N (Nikon) v16
X1T-S (Sony) v13
The X1T-O (four-thirds) and X1T-F (Fuji) and all XPro transmitters had close mode on their initial firmware versions, and do not require firmware updating to perform it.

On the X1T, to turn on close mode: hold down the TEST button while turning on the transmitter until the Status light blinks for two seconds. The setting will clear when you power off the unit.

On the XPro, press the MENU button, and use the dial and set button to set the DIST function from 1-100m to 0-30m. The setting will "stick" between power cycles until changed.

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